Online Learning – The Current Paragon in Education

Online Learning is a term that is widely used these days – it signifies learning through platforms on the internet, such as EDX, Udemy, Swayam, Coursera, among many others. YouTube is also one of the popular platforms that incite the spirit of Online Learning. Needless to say, the wave of Online Learning is sweeping the modern era.

Why is this such a big deal? Why are there so many Online Learning Courses and platforms being put out every day? The answer to that can be summarized as follows – Online Learning holds numerous advantages against traditional learning methods. Easy Access and avoiding travelling to school for your lessons are among the most attractive aspects - especially in a traffic-ridden city like Bangalore. The availability of courses and degrees from prestigious universities around the world right in your hand is a boon for any learner. To add to this, institutions are taking an extra leap by offering free online courses in diverse subjects. One can learn anything online today, from sewing, cooking to even completing a Degree.

Online Learning is the new pathway that brings seekers from different parts of the world to a common platform, and such a platform, offers our globalized world a seedbed for enlightenment.